Contrary to popular belief, winter is actually a great time to start any home build Vancouver project. Most homeowners believe that the warmer months of spring and summer are optimal for new construction, but it’s simply not the case as all seasons can be a cause for complications.

There are actually multiple advantages to choosing the winter season for starting a home build project, from shorter build times to buyer advantages.

Shorter Build Times

Because of the common misconception, that winter is a bad time for building, fewer people choose to start home build projects, which means shorter build times in general. Because contractors, architects and tradespeople have fewer projects on their hands, it means they can devote more time to individual projects as well as get them done much faster than normal.

In addition, because fewer people are applying for new construction projects, it means that permits and other necessary documentation are easier and faster to obtain. This means shorter wait times to get your project started.

More Attention Focused on Your Project & Needs

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for starting home build Vancouver projects. In the winter, however, engineers, designers, carpenters and subcontractors are less busy and able to dedicate much more time to projects. This means they can walk you through the process, answer your questions and concerns, and generally pay more attention to the details of your project and its final outcome.

A Helping Hand from the Weather & Temperature

Surprisingly, winter weather lends a helping hand to home build projects. How? Rain will allow contractors to see where water gathers so they can get a better idea of how the land behaves. This enables the building of a home that behaves accordingly regardless of weather conditions.

In addition, when gravel is freshly laid on the base, during the summer there’s no way to compact it down in order to create a firm and solid base for the concrete. During winter, however, rain and snow help weight it down and compact it, which creates a firm foundation for the concrete installation that’s to follow.

Buyer Benefits

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for the real estate market. Because fewer people are on the market for purchasing homes, it’s an ideal time to look for what’s out there and make an offer while having little to no competition. Once bought, new homeowners will do all the difficult work in the winter, settle in, and enjoy their home in the warmer months ahead.

While building a custom home from scratch is never easy, choosing the ideal time to do it can make all the difference. To get started and learn more about how Archia and its experienced staff works, get in touch with us. We would love to help you get started with building the home of your dreams this winter season!