If you have always dreamed of a kitchen that feels luxe, high-end and has all the features you could ever need, your kitchen renovation in Vancouver will most definitely be an investment.

If budget isn’t a major concern, your options are wide open. You can explore a wide range of innovative features, the newest technologies on the market and custom design solutions that meet your lifestyle.

What Makes a Kitchen Feel Luxurious?

A luxury kitchen isn’t just about a space that is beautiful to look at. A luxury kitchen fits all of your unique needs, is custom-tailored to suit you and is a space that you and your loved ones just love spending time in (even when the oven is off).

A luxury kitchen has

  • Beautiful materials
  • Custom-made features and solutions
  • Plenty of Light

Luxe Materials Make all the Difference

Materials go a long way when it comes to a space that feels luxurious. Materials create a tactile experience and ignite all of the senses. Think about the features you touch in your home on a day-to-day basis. These are things like the faucets, shower knobs, cabinet door handles and drawer pulls, towels and bedsheets. Even the flooring matters.

When you’re touching materials that create a pleasant experience, your every day becomes exciting.

  • Real wood
  • Genuine marble
  • Brushed metal finishes
  • Brass & copper
  • High-quality fixtures

Custom Solutions for the Everyday Problems You Face

Whether you find yourself short of storage space or seating, custom-designed features can be life-changing for any home. Maybe you have an independent seating area created just off the side of your island, in a corner of the kitchen overlooking the view or a custom storage area built around the unique architectural characteristics of your home.

  • Deep drawers with dividers
  • Hidden drawers or corner cabinets
  • Enclosed, specialized trash and recycling bins
  • Built-in, hidden fridge and freezer

Plenty of Light

Light is absolutely paramount to any space. Both intentionally placed artificial light with just the right colour temperature, as well as natural light that spills through large windows and skylights.

  • Makes the kitchen feel bigger and brighter
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Improves and regulates mood
  • Increases airflow
  • Reduces mould and mildew

If you’re on the market for a trusted, reputable, licensed and ensured development and renovation company, we can help. Don’t hesitate to seek our professional help for your next kitchen renovation in Vancouver.