Before listing your home, it’s important to maximize its potential of being sold according to your timeline. With a simple house renovation in Vancouver, you can use a set budget to give your home a much-needed facelift and make it as attractive as possible for potential buyers.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of giving your home an update.

It Lightens & Brightens

A fresh coat of paint, new molding, new flooring, and an update in appliances can do wonders. Whether you want to do a budget-friendly, simple renovation or gut the entire house, any remodel will help. Chipped, peeling paint, and stained carpets all contribute to rooms feeling dark and dingy, making your home seem unappealing to potential buyers. A remodel makes a key difference in how buyers perceive your property as it will be lighter, brighter, and more inviting.

Try to go for light, neutral tones as it helps potential buyers envision themselves in your home. It’s also the most universal, making it easy for people to move in their furniture into a blank canvas rather than a colorful home that won’t agree with everyone’s tastes.

It Makes a Great First Impression

Great first impressions are paramount, as they can make all the difference between an offer and a walkthrough. A house renovation Vancouver will make any room look more put together, well-kept, and clean during open houses. Renovated homes also look better in pictures and attract even more buyers through an up-to-date, universally-attractive online presence.

A renovation lets people know that they won’t have to spend even more time and money gutting old green tiles from the ’50s, but rather that they can enjoy their new home as soon as possible.

It Increases Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important. If the exterior of your home is stained, worn out, or damaged in areas, it will turn off potential buyers right off the bat as it’s the very first impression they’ll get before they even enter your home. Whether you want to repaint in the same color your home’s already in or give your home a totally different facelift, we can help by giving you the results you were envisioning.

It Maximizes Your ROI

Every homeowner’s goal is to make as much money as possible from their home, to make a profit that goes well over breaking even. Renovations increase the value of your home, therefore, increasing your return on investment (ROI). As a rule of thumb, renovated kitchens and bathrooms give the biggest return on investment.

It Depersonalizes Your Home

Although door markings of your child’s height over the years are special to you, they won’t be special to potential homebuyers as they will only see them as extra, costly projects needing to be done. Depersonalizing your home by taking out your sentimental possessions and giving people a blank slate will enable them to envision themselves living in the home.

It Fixes Anything That Needs Repairing

During any renovation, we will do a thorough inspection to ensure that any damage can be addressed so homebuyers won’t have to spend their own resources. The more issues you can fix, the better for a successful sale.

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