Our Services

We construct residential homes of the finest quality, built upon values that reflect our commitment to excellence.



Project Management

Our team is specialized in taking full responsibility for a wide range of development projects from project planning, custom design and conception, all the way to construction, delivery and occupation.

Each member of Archia is committed to honing their unique and focused skill sets to work as a team that comes together with a well-rounded and professional approach.



New Construction

Our comprehensive experience and industry expertise take a project from bare bones to jewel in Vancouver’s landscape, with the necessary guidance a project requires to succeed. We custom design and build a home from the ground up, tailored to the exact specifications and requirements of the client.

Our meticulous approach allows us to create truly meaningful residential homes based on practical solutions and creative, meaningful concepts.



Home Renovation

We have a passion for turning houses into homes, customized to your family’s unique needs. A home is a place in which you can create meaningful memories; a place that resonates with your lifestyle and is built to gracefully age better with time.

Archia can’t wait to transform and refresh the place that you spend the most time in with your loved ones, into your dream space. Whether you live in a condo, loft, or house, the opportunities for unique custom design are endless.



General Contracting

Throughout the course of a building project or home renovation, our team is responsible for the general oversight of the construction site, managing equipment, vendors, subcontractors, trades, and all other individuals involved in a project.

With decades of experience, our team knows how to operate and regulate construction sites for a job that is up to our consistently high standard of quality and workmanship. Whether we are completing a home renovation or starting from bare bones, you can count on our commitment to truly meaningful results.



Interior Design

Your home should reflect your essence, and be a space in which you feel entirely comfortable and free to be yourself. We believe that meaningful interior design seamlessly flows with the architectural foundation of a home while effortlessly implementing practical solutions to everyday problems in a beautiful way.

Our interior design experts take the time to truly gain a thorough understanding of your design style and desired outcome, for results that surpass your expectations while being on schedule and staying within budget.

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