At Archia Development, we often get the question from homeowners ‘should I remodel or build a new custom home?’ Unfortunately, there is not one universal answer to this as there’s a number of factors that will be specific to your situation:

● What do you want out of your home?
● How long do you plan to live in the home?
● What do you dislike about your current home?
● Does your existing home have unique, hard to replicate historical features that you want to keep?
● Do you have a growing family that you need to reevaluate the space?
● Will city or government laws allow for the changes you want to make to your current home or build a new home?
● Are you comfortable living in a construction site full of dust and noise during renovations?

People also ask if it is cheaper to remodel or build a new custom home. That is not always clear, it depends on the amount of renovations that need to be done and how intricate that work may be. Focusing purely on initial cost may end up hurting your long-term value and take some of the things you want in your new or remodeled home off the table.

Keep in mind that a significant residential remodel may cost almost as much as building a new custom home with everything that you want from the ground up. Of course, running the numbers is important, but with remodeling there’s a distinct possibility that an unexpected situation may crop up, increasing your expected costs.

We at Archia Development always ask our clients ‘What is it about your current home that you want to change?’ Assuming your current home has no special or historical characteristics, building a custom dream home is appealing. However, if the house has structural problems such as significant plumbing or electrical problems then building a new home may make more

Remodeling can allow you to create a touch of modernity while allowing you to enjoy the unique aspects of your period home.


If you are considering remodeling, you will need to check with your local government to determine if you can make the renovations you want in your existing home. If you are staying within the parameters then it should not be a problem but if you are expanding then it may interfere with laws. This will result in you receiving permission to move forward or deny your application.


The process of building a custom home allows you to be involved with every aspect of the building process, making your custom home a home you can call your own and meets your specific needs. You have the ability to choose your floor plan, room dimensions, style of home and interior design. Many homeowners like to enjoy their home afterwards knowing that they really were a part of the whole experience.

Archia Development ensures that building your dream custom home design is enjoyable and is done by the experts. If you would like to discuss remodeling or building a custom home Vancouver, contact us today to organize a free consultation.