Local Builders West Vancouver

In the entire Greater Vancouver Area, Archia has been profound with their quality of work as a pioneer of changing living style. We are located in West Vancouver because we would love to better serve the community. We take pride in enhancing your home for decades as local builders West Vancouver . What makes us the right choice? We’ll find out together. 

An Unmatched Design

The neighborhood knowledge comes first we visualize the pattern of your home. As we have been rebuilding and making an urban plan for the entire West Vancouver, it gives us a unique perspective of your home design. We create an unmatched design that suits your home style and of course fits your personality. As proud builders in the community, we give triple inspection from an eagle eye to stand you out to the crowd. 

Renovation or Remodel?

To ensure a project exceeds your expectations while staying on schedule and within budget, our team takes the time to understand a client’s style and desired results. Renovations might be sufficient at times when your needs and expectations are met. Having a visionary mind means sharing the concept with you that you will find the most beneficial. Remodeling isn’t always necessary. 

Bring Back Life to Your Home

The work involved in renovations usually entails restoring or replacing old or worn-out features, like painting cabinets and walls. A renovation should rejuvenate the room or property, not just replace it or change it. Adding them to a listing or home can also make it more valuable. Renovations have a smaller scope than construction.

It’s Time to Break The wall

The remodeling process involves changing the layout and structure of the house. Furthermore, the way they work is likely to have a greater impact on the property than just updating a couple of rooms. Spaces or several spaces may be dramatically changed in their use or function as a result of such projects.

Think & Then Act

You are entirely in charge of whether to remodel or renovate. You will need to consider your budget, based on what you can afford and how much it will cover, your availability and when you want the project to be completed, and the goals of the project. You can take on a renovation project regardless of its challenges, and it can be very rewarding.

What Is Commonly More Expensive?

Renovation appears more attractive in the short run, but it can actually end up costing you more because there are many hidden costs you may not have considered. A knock-down, new-from-scratch remodel may yield a higher sale price, especially if this is the end goal, since not only is it new on the inside, but the structure and integrity are as well.