Interior Design West Vancouver

Your home should reflect your essence, and be a space in which you feel entirely comfortable and free to be yourself. We believe that meaningful interior design West Vancouver seamlessly flows with the architectural foundation of a home while effortlessly implementing practical solutions to everyday problems in a beautiful way.

A Home Reflective of You

Our interior design West Vancouver experts take the time to truly gain a thorough understanding of your design style and desired outcome, for results that surpass your expectations while being on schedule and staying within budget. Our priority in our interior design journey together is to build an interior space that is reflective of you – your vision, your personality, and the feelings you wish your home to evoke. 

Practicality & Functionality

Above all, what makes a house a home is the design that is there to serve you in your everyday needs. Its design flow should be practical and its elements functional built smart and clever in how they suit your daily needs. Our renovation company West Vancouver adds value to a home with a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built around your family’s lifestyle. At Archia, interior design West Vancouver helps us plan for real life and we are dedicated to making your home both a beautiful and functional space for the way you really live.

Thoughtful Materials & Execution

High-quality materials evoke an entirely different feeling when compared to poor quality materials. We focus our execution approach around high-quality materials with construction that is made to be passed down from generation to generation in your family. High quality does not necessarily mean expensive –  it means natural materials and fabrics that are made well and built to last, and we have an eye for good finds at appropriate prices. 


We like authentic spaces that are personalized for the user. Even if we are designing a contemporary and modern space, we love incorporating pieces that you already have. Whether they are antique furniture pieces that have been passed down from generations that we decide to keep as they are or repurpose into something a little more modern, or family heirlooms to act as small accents or pops of colour in the space. It’s all about making it yours, and making it real. Our interior design West Vancouver service makes a promise to do just that.