Home Renovation West Vancouver

We have a passion for turning houses into homes, customized to your family’s unique needs. A home is a place in which you can create meaningful memories; a place that resonates with your lifestyle and is built to gracefully age better with time. 

A Client-Focus

Archia can’t wait to transform and refresh the place that you spend the most time in with your loved ones, into your dream space. Whether you live in a condo, loft or a house, the opportunities are endless. We take the time to learn more about your lifestyle, how you spend your time at home, and your personal design style and vision for your space. These are fundamental aspects we look at, in order to transform your home into a place that is reflective of you and authentic to your family’s dynamic and personality. A renovation West Vancouver that stays true to your individuality.

Functional Spaces

We are a home renovation West Vancouver company committed to remodelling properties into homes that are built uniquely for the user. Whether we have to integrate new elements of functionality or change up the flow of certain spaces, we take the time to understand how well your needs fit into the current state of your home and evaluate the changes we can make. We believe that although a home should be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, above all, it should be functional and designed for real life. 

Smart Resolutions

As a reputable renovation companywe find smart, innovative solutions to the challenges you currently face for an end result that is fully catered to your needs. We are well versed in overcoming a wide variety of ordeals for any home renovation West Vancouver, whether we are working with a limited budget, size constraints, or very outdated spaces requiring a complete teardown. We have experience in the inevitable challenges that arise along the way during renovations both large and small, and in wrapping up those last minute details with efficiency and grace.