As a top development building company in West Vancouver, we aim to excel in every single aspect of our job as real estate developers, designers and home builders. From acquisition and design, to construction and the commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship, we are committed to using our long term approach to collectively realize projects that bring something truly unique to communities.

Our Approach

Our approach involves always being on the lookout for fruitful opportunities on the market that have the potential to grow and benefit from our expansive knowledge, in-depth expertise, and innovative minds.

Our Values

With continuous excellence, integrity, honesty, green initiatives and community engagement, we devote ourselves to the continuous growth and development in the way we work. In our pursuit of excellent project execution, customer service and innovative design, we have come to build an expansive network of loyal business partners, business relationships and friends.

Services & Projects

From project management, new construction and home renovations to general contracting and interior design, we entirely devote ourselves to an exceptional level of workmanship in every single one of our ventures. At Archia, our talented and forward-thinking collective of industry professionals and innovators put their minds together to create something uniquely transformative for your home, real estate project or neighbourhood.

We love transforming spaces and turning houses into forever homes for you to spend time in with your family and loved ones. We are committed to creating spaces that really resonate with your lifestyle, personal style and unique requirements for complete comfort and functionality.

As a top development building company in West Vancouver, we can’t wait to meet you, begin our journey together and be with you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team for a quote, or to discuss your next project with our team.