Custom Interior Design Company

Every element of your exquisite personality and taste is defined by your eyes, your vision, and everything you do. The interior design company can deliver what you want, regardless of the message that you wish to convey. Because we aren’t visionaries, you are. The inception that you envisioned can be brought to fruition, to be executed on a real scale.  You may think that a renovated kitchen is perfect as you sip your morning coffee or look at yourself in the mirror, so we think you should go ahead and renovate it. There is a lot of interest now in interior design Vancouver, and everyone is falling in love with custom kitchens, bedrooms, and patios. To be extremely precise, live with a dream even if it means changing all bricks.


The professionalism and enthusiasm of a Vancouver interior designer extend to the whole building concept. Based on each client’s brief, we can create timeless and elegant designs utilizing the correct materials and craftsmanship. A simple solution to complex issues can be derived by curating light, air, and space. We create warm spaces that fit our clients’ lifestyles

Where do you start?

A designer who understands your vision, who can turn it into reality, is ready to read your mind at every stage of the process, from design, construction, and handover. All of this should go smoothly because of their friendly advice and professional approach. 

What to look for in an interior design company

It’s exciting and eagerly expected that you will start your new home adventure with the help of an interior designer. Now that you have chosen a great designer, you need to make sure that he or she will be right for you and your home. Although this may seem daunting, don’t let uncertainty dampen your dreams

Are they capable of articulate your vision or prefer creative control?

Your vision is unique, your thoughts are exquisite, a work of art unapologetically you. However, a creative mind looks through the dots of life to gather them together as they unify, but your vision, your concepts are original, unsurpassed in the design world. It is necessary for an interior design company to share your dreams as well. 

How do they define their style? What is your source of inspiration? 

Archia’s designers create stories in our client’s residences that are reflective of our designers’ personalities and inspirations. In case you are unsure about a design, ask the designer, “What are your design signatures? In what project have you used your favorite color? What is your favorite room, home, and why?

Are designs budget-friendly?

Our interior design company recommends asking this question, since your priorities may differ from those of the designer. It is far better to discuss that issue before you start a project than to wait until it is already in progress.

Is their timeline precise?

What is it going to take for the dream to come true?  The amount of time you can devote to the project. You will require a certain amount of time for your interior makeover, depending on its scale. Make reasonable decisions. It requires a long time and careful planning to plan a home renovation with a designer. Your temporary home might be somewhere else.

Rejuvenate your home’s spirit

The guidance, expertise, and attention to detail of Archia as an interior design company resulted in something truly unique for clients. As concept meetings begin, a design vision begins to emerge. Collaboration between you, the architect, and the builder ensures that every design detail is clearly communicated.