Building your dream home is one of the biggest milestones in your life. It is also one of the most complicated, and time-consuming tasks but anybody will tell you it’s the best thing they ever did. Although the Archia team will be there for you throughout the process, it is important to know the following main points beforehand.

1. Budget

The main source of conflict in any home renovation or remodel is budget. Budget plays the most important part of any project. Figure out your money situation, and be realistic about the costs. Builders and architects design to a number so let the team know your real numbers so they can design to it. It is important to start there, and then have the Archia team talk you through your options and costs.

2. Team

It is important to select your team from the start as each individual will be looking out for your needs from a different vantage point. Your team will take things like sun orientation, zoning, setbacks, area-coverage restrictions, and height restrictions into consideration. Once you decide on a lot, your team can come together to create detailed plans and to produce and oversee your budget.

3. Need vs Want

In the age of Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest, a list of wants versus needs can become very confusing. Homeowners are feeling a certain pressure for what their house should look like. Your Archia team will work with you to devise a personalized plan that incorporates all of your lifestyle needs based on your budget.

4. Timeline

People often have preconceived ideas about how simple and easy everything will flow. When it comes to home developments and renovations, it’s always a process. Although there will be a timeline, there are often factors that we cannot change. The timeline can vary due to many different things like weather conditions. If you know to expect delays and a few momentary setbacks, your experience will be smoother and saner. Understand that every time you make a change, it’s going to create a new price and timeline.

5. Communication

It is important to establish good communication with your team and for everybody to constantly be in the loop. It is important to attend team meetings on a regular, predetermined basis and ask questions. Archia also likes to utilize technology, such as Buildertrend where you can plan and keep track of progress. Text and e-mail your builder as necessary; it’s great for quick decisions and it creates a record of the interaction.

As a top development construction company in West Vancouver, we can’t wait to join this journey with you to create your dream home. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team for a quote, or to discuss your dream home project.