Summer is just around the corner, perhaps inspiring you for a home renovation in Vancouver. During the winter, our homes hibernate just as much as us, often feeling weighed down with heavy blankets and richer and darker colours. This time of year, however, calls for bright colours, natural accessories and plenty of natural light. As the season’s change, your needs do too.

Let’s take a look at 7 ways to update your home for the summer.

Mini Summer Clean

Even if you’ve already spring cleaned, having a habit of cleaning during the entrance of every season is ideal for your mental health as well as your physical health. There really is nothing like a fresh, sparkling clean environment.

  • Open your windows for a good air-out
  • Store away thicker, heavier pillows and blankets
  • Change your linens to lighter duvet covers and fresh sheets
  • Have your HVAC system’s filters changed and cleaned

Sheer Drapes

Perhaps during the winter you took out the blackout drapes and heavier curtains in rich, deep tones. During summer, however, nothing feels better than lightweight, airy, light-coloured sheers that blow in the wind every morning as the sun shines through the windows.


Greenery not only refreshes the air in your interior environment but also visually livens up and freshens up your space. Choose plants that are easy to maintain, don’t require much effort and thrive indoors. Make sure to keep them in well-lit areas of the home.

Large Scale Home Renovation in Vancouver

Summer time is also perfect for renovating. If you’ve been dreaming of performing a large scale home renovation in Vancouver, summer is a great time to get going. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring you get the outcome that you envisioned, and more.

Small-Scale Mini Renovations

If you’re not ready to tackle a large scale renovation for your entire home, we can also help you with smaller scale renovations throughout the home. Kitchen feeling dreary and drab? We can update it. Bathroom feeling outdated? We would love to design and install a brand new bathroom that feels like the space of your dreams.

Lighting Upgrade

Lighting is often underestimated. It can drastically change the way a space feels. Have your windows cleaned and move or remove anything that is blocking natural light. If you don’t have that much natural light in your space, bring in plenty of mirrors to reflect the light that you do have. If your windows are too small, we can also make them larger through a small renovation across the home.

Move Furniture Around

We often forget just how much this can change the way our spaces feel. Moving a few of the major furniture pieces around can result in a space that doesn’t even feel like what we started with. it can feel like an entirely brand new home!

If you’re looking for a reliable, friendly and knowledgable team to perform your home renovation in Vancouver, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to surpass your expectations with what we can do!