Going over budget is always a top concern when undertaking any home renovation in Vancouver. Whether your project is large or small-scale, there is always the worry that you’ll go over your allocated finances. From the pressure of such a large investment, relying on a team and them relying on you, as well as being sure that the contractor you hired is licensed, insured and professional, renovations aren’t easy.

With the right team, however, they can be a breeze. We’ll help you achieve your desired outcome within your budget, according to your timeline and with minimal fuss.

Here are 7 ways to lower the expenses of your home renovation in Vancouver this spring.

Prioritize Energy-Efficiency, First

A designer will help you create a home that uses the space that’s already there in smart ways, rather than busting down walls to create more square footage. This can become costly, as knocking down walls oftentimes means moving plumbing and pipework – a treatment where expenses can soar. Whether you need storage or more working surfaces in the kitchen, your appointed Archia designer can help.

Ensure Proper, Natural Light

Light is more important than you think. Instead of installing costly skylights or making holes to install larger windows, you can try a light tube: an inexpensive alternative that will funnel light into your space.

Recycle What You Can

So much of a home is recyclable. Before throwing everything into a landfill, have your team cherry-pick certain items to donate or recycle.

Think Later Down the Line

Sure, some renovations might look good now, but not all will withstand the test of time. Think about making changes and upgrades which will benefit the entire family for years to come. If you plan to resell, it’s even more critical that you consult with a professional regarding the renovations you’re planning on making.

Hire a General Contractor

A general contractor is a key to a project that gets completed within time, on schedule and on budget. It’s especially important for a project that lasts and doesn’t break down months after use.

Go for Faux

Imitation materials aren’t all that bad, at all. Nowadays, you can get precision-engineered faux materials that are just as good, if not perform better than the real thing. For example, fibre cement siding isn’t wood, but it sure has a far lower maintenance requirement and the risk for mold and pests is eliminated. Engineered quartz can also perform better as a kitchen countertop than genuine marble.

Don’t Move Plumbing

This takes us back to our first point of maximizing efficiency before going to alternative routes. Moving plumbing lines and pipework can very rapidly increase costs, so keep it simple and do the best that you can with the layout you currently have.

Ready to get started on your home renovation in Vancouver? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.