Maybe you just moved into a newly purchased home and haven’t yet started on those remodelling projects yet. Maybe you’ve lived in your home for years and had grand renovation plans in the beginning, but they later fell wayside as you got comfortable. Our renovation Vancouver project ideas will re-inspire you to create the home of your dreams.

Add Extra Storage & Shelving

Find that you’ve started running out of space? It’s time to get organized. Extra shelving, storage baskets and dedicated storage areas will help you start the new year off on the right foot. Whether you need help with organization in your pantry, garage or kitchen, we have solutions for you.

Renovate the Kitchen or Bathroom

It’s easy to settle into feeling a little too comfortable in an old, outdated kitchen or bathroom. Luckily, those two rooms benefit the most from renovations as they give the most return on investment when it’s time to sell.

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

LED lightbulbs and efficient HVAC systems aren’t the only ways to make your home more energy-efficient. A simple consultation in-house can help us identify the culprit of your high energy bills and home’s lack of energy efficiency. Everything from drafty windows and old appliances to air leaks can all be addressed with minor renovations. Whether you plan to live in your home for years to come or want to sell, making it more energy-efficient is key for comfort.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Are your walls scuffed, chipped, peeling or stained? A fresh coat of paint and hole patch-up from paintings and pictures will revamp your walls and give distressed walls a much-needed facelift.

Purge Your Possessions

A renovation is a great time to begin purging your home of unnecessary items and non-essentials. Donate items to thrift stores, eliminate things you don’t use and give your home some breathing room by starting anew in 2021.

Update Kitchen Hardware & Appliances

Old, outdated appliances are not only inconvenient and unsightly, but they can also be one of the main causes of abnormally high energy bills. Most new appliances are designed to last over 10 years and be energy-efficient, lowering your monthly utility costs. Take a look at what the current market has to offer in terms of dishwashers, microwaves, ovens and refrigerators.

A Brand New Hardscape

Over time, it’s common for areas like the patio and the driveway to require some TLC. Environmental factors, regular use and wildlife and insects all play their role in shortening the life of your patio. While this is a project you can do yourself if you have some experience, it’s always best to have it done by a professional team like the one at Archia. A newly renovated patio is safer and can make springtime much more enjoyable, helping you maximize your home’s use.

Ready to talk reno? Get in touch with the team at Archia to learn more about the Renovation Vancouver services we offer and how we can help you improve your home life for the new year ahead.