The new year is coming right up and with that comes the opportunity to refresh, declutter, upgrade and breathe new life into your space. Whether your home is outdated and needs a complete overhaul or is feeling cluttered and some TLC would do it some good, there are many things you can do to revitalize it with interior design Vancouver.

Once the holiday decorations are down and put away in storage, your home might feel a little sad and lonely – this is the perfect chance to bring back some life into it.

Get Some Flowers & New Plants

Flowers, plants and greenery add so much life to a space by bringing the outdoors inside. Make sure your home is thriving with energy by buying some of your favourite flowers and placing them in a vase. Go to the garden centre and pick out some indoor plants that are easy to care for and clear out the air in your home.

Do That Renovation You’ve Been Putting Off

Whether one key room in your home has been needing a renovation or the whole property requires gutting, think about starting this project in the new year of 2020. Renovating your space is a good way to start the new year on a blank canvas and make your home feel as comfortable, beautiful and functional as possible.

Repaint the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a space. It can make it feel like you’ve done a mini-renovation and revitalize a dark, grey or dreary space. In rooms like the kitchen where smoke and steam from cooking can quickly dirty the walls, this is an especially important hack.

Play with Texture & Fabric

Buy some new pillows, a new throw, a warm, cozy knit blanket for the sofa or a macrame for the wall. By playing with a variety of textures you are adding visual interest to the space, and the great thing is that you can do all of this on a budget.

Grab an Investment Piece

Is there a certain piece you’ve always wanted? Perhaps it was a piece of art by one of your favourite painters, a sculpture for the entryway or a new gadget that would make your life a whole lot easier. Splurge on a key piece that you know will bring you joy.

Invest in New Bedding

Great linens go a long way in elevating our sense of comfort. Invest in high-quality linens that are breathable and won’t make you perspire during the night, as well as fabrics that are made from natural fibres. A higher thread count will usually feel better against the skin and last longer, too.

Are you on the market for interior decorating help? Our interior design Vancouver service is aimed at making the process of revitalizing your space as easy, efficient and satisfactory as possible. Simply get in touch with us to get started.