These little Vancouver home renovations are easy to do and discuss with your renovation team. They will not only simplify and improve your quality of life at home but also increase its value and attractiveness to potential homebuyers.

Making Your Home Accessible to Everyone

Making your home accessible to not only an expanding family but also future homebuyers who may have special needs is important. For added comfort and safety, consider turning your bathroom into a more open concept with an open shower, a bench and a safety bar.

If you have a pool and are for sure thinking about selling your home, you can also consider making the pool more accessible for people with limited mobility.

Making Your Home Child & Pet Friendly

Child and pet-safe features are a must, whether you will be growing your family or are thinking about selling. Installing cordless, motorized blinds or shades is a fantastic safe alternative. You can also install slip-resistant flooring, round out the corners in the kitchen counters and add fencing around the pool.

Making Your Kitchen Design Safe

many kitchen-safe features are little details that can be thought of well after the renovation and presented during open houses. Keeping knives stuck to a wall magnet and out of reach, storing plastic bags high up, and installing slide-out cutting boards. You can also pop in some outlet protectors on any outlets that aren’t in use.

Using Every Nook & Cranny

If your home has a lot of unused “dead space,” it’s time to make use of it. These areas usually serve no purpose. For example, if you have two spare rooms side by side, knock down the wall and turn them into one big master bedroom or home office. If you have extra space under your stairs, turn it into a small storage area or a small working area. It can also be a dedicated place for pets.

Creating an Open, Bright & Airy Home

Nowadays, people absolutely love bright, open spaces with lots of light. Older homes were usually built with more separation and doors in between rooms. This makes a space feel closed off and sometimes claustrophobic. Even if your home has a lot of square footage, lots of doorways and walls can make it look smaller than it actually is.

A great living room renovation that can make your home feel more welcoming and make it much more sellable in the future includes knocking down those extra walls and doors for an open concept floor plan. This is also important for people with mobility issues who use wheelchairs or other means of getting around.

If you’re on the market for a team of contractors to help you turn your vision into reality, get in touch with us to learn more about how we work and schedule an in-home assessment and consultation. Our Vancouver home renovations are entirely aimed at helping you live your dream, at home.