Building a home from scratch comes with a lot of unexplored territory for those who are just starting out. Whether you are doing it as a form of investment and want to resell, or are looking to design your dream home for your family, our team of home builders West Vancouver are skilled and experienced in guiding landowners just like you towards getting their dream home.

Before starting, there are a few things experts want you to note and consider.

Come Prepared

It’s a good idea to start making a mood-board so you can begin to get an idea of what you want in regards to the style of your home, the floor-plan, room layouts and your backyard. You can look over websites like Pinterest, HouseBeautiful and Architectural Digest for inspiration. Our home builders West Vancouver will follow your lead because they want your vision to come to life.

Establish a Floor Plan

The floor plan is the baseline and foundation of your project. It all starts from there. It will determine the style, size, uniqueness and the defining features of your new property. Check out builder’s catalogues, design and architecture books and online resources. Regardless of where you found your floor plan, our general contractor and constriction team will need to first assess and confirm it, as well as make minor adjustments depending on the land you’re working with.

Allocate Room in the Budget for Extra Costs

No matter how smooth sailing a project is, there will always be some additional construction costs that you will be faced with. You may have to clear trees, add or remove dirt or hills, move around rocks and make various other land alterations before the space is ready to be built on. Other expenses may include permits and labor expenses which can depend on the season and current market conditions.

Budget for Unexpected Costs & Fees

An approximated, an additional 10% is necessary in order to cover unexpected costs and fees that may come up. This can be due to delays or damage during extreme weather conditions when construction has to be paused, damaged tools and equipment, and replacing ordered goods that were not what you expected to receive.

Find the Perfect Team

Our home builders West Vancouver are highly experienced in residential property constriction and routinely build homes just like yours. When looking for a home builder, you want someone who is insured, bonded and you also want to verify their licensing before working with them.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a team of new construction and renovation experts for your next project. We would be happy to guide you through the process and be the ones to hand you the keys to your first custom-built home.